Prenatal belts

Our prenatal belt will help you keep fully active throughout the day.

It gives you complete freedom of movement as it gently supports your belly with elegance and style.
Day-to-day, it will make your more comfortable, increasing your wellbeing and alleviating any pelvic or sciatic pain.
So you’ll feel both elegant and comfortable.
This is an ingenious and essential accessory that flatters your figure and boosts your confidence.


201600108 Allure Somon

201600110 Allure Bej floral

201600105 Allure Rose pal

201600106 Allure Zmeura

201600102 Allure Gri

201600109 Allure Bleu ciel

201600107 Allure Fuchsia

201600111 Allure Rose

201600103 Allure Bej

201600112 Allure Verde

201600104 Allure Bleumarin

201600101 Allure Negru


201600301 Féerie Negru


201600207 Élégance Fuchsia

201600204 Élégance Bleumarin

201600206 Élégance Zmeura

201600205 Élégance Rose pal

201600209 Élégance Bleu ciel

201600202 Élégance Gri

201600203 Élégance Bej

201600201 Élégance Negru

201600208 Élégance Somon