A magical gift for any pregnant woman!

Specially designed for pregnant women, a bola is a little musical instrument wherein a tiny ball dances across a xylophone to the rhythm of mum-to-be’s movements.

It is worn as a pendant at stomach height and your baby will grow listening to the sounds of the bola. After 20 weeks in mummy’s tummy, the baby will begin to recognise the gentle music, which will calm and soothe throughout pregnancy and even after the birth.

201600411 Bola Merveille

201600408 Bola Sensation

201600402 Bola Poesie

201600404 Bola Amour

201600418 Bola Fantaisie

201600407 Bola Pure

201600415 Bola Affection

201600406 Bola Miracle

201600403 Bola Adorable

201600405 Bola Passion